How Far Apart Should Pathway Lights Be

You can ensure safety for your guests with the right lighting. You can bring your outdoor spaces to life after darkness falls. It’s not always simple to do it correctly. When installing path lighting, homeowners often make common mistakes. These mistakes can be avoided by following great design tips. This will make sure that your outdoor lighting gives your home the resort-style glamor that it deserves and provides warm, inviting light.

How Far Apart Should You Place Path Lights?

These lights are the most important type of landscape lighting that homeowners will install. Solar-powered path lights are a great option for DIY projects as they don’t require wiring. There are some mistakes that can be made with path lighting. These mistakes can make your path lighting great.

  • Your path is not a runway. Many homeowners place their pathway lights too close together. Although it might seem good to have your path lit all the way, too many lights can look garish and make your walkway appear like a landing strip.
  • You should place them at least eight to six feet apart. Landscape lighting is not a science. However, it is best to keep lights at least six to eight feet apart. This will help you avoid a runway effect and force you to be more creative about where your lights are placed.
  • Lighting is meant to be a guide. Your walkway lights should be a guide, not sentries. To draw people along the path, place lights farther apart. Light your walkway more than just lighting it.
  • Mix and match fixtures. It can appear forced and rigid if you have the same lighting fixture all along your pathway. Mixing different types of fixtures can be done to create a natural look, provided they are well spaced.

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