Timeless Charm of Neutral Colors: ESENCIAL Collection from Bellavista

Everyone will agree that furniture plays a vital role in creating a harmonious and enjoyable living space. Italian luxury furniture from Bellavista Collection is a great choice if you want your home not only look stylish, but also be a really cozy place to live.

Bellavista Collection has long captured the hearts of numerous people, who value excellent craftsmanship and beautiful design. One of the pillars the brand’s popularity rests on is well-thought color combinations.

Colors have a profound impact on the way we perceive any living space, and colors of furniture are no exception. People’s tastes for colors are quite subjective, influenced by personal preferences and cultural backgrounds. However, there is a universal demand for furniture in neutral tones. It always harmonizes with the overall design scheme, yet provides a sense of luxury and refinement. Bellavista Collection recognizes this demand and consistently creates furniture pieces that meet these requirements.

In the fast-paced world of design, trends come and go, often leaving yesterday’s ideas of beauty behind. Nevertheless, true beauty transcends the temporary nature of fashion. Bellavista Collection creates furniture pieces that possess a timeless appeal, standing the test of time without compromising on elegance and sophistication. While trends may come and go, the charm of its Italian luxury furniture never fades, and Bellavista Collection ensures their designs remain timeless.

When it comes to color classifications, there are lots of them, including extremely complex ones, intended for artists and designers. Non-professionals usually use the simplest classification, where colors are divided into warm and cold, plus neutral tones. Warm colors like sunny yellows and fiery reds are believed to be colors of energy and passion; on the other hand, these colors evoke a sense of comfort and intimacy, because they remind of a cozy fireplace. Cold colors like soothing blues and calming greens create an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Meanwhile, neutral tones, such as subtle grays and soft creams, can effortlessly blend with any design scheme. Being extremely versatile, neutral tones are excellent choice for interiors. Experienced designers say that neutral color palettes always work. They are ideal for sophisticated projects that will never go out of fashion.

Bellavista Collection understands this connection between colors and emotions and carefully composes the furniture collections to create harmonious environments that give a sense of comfort, feeling as a home with a capital letter.


One of Bellavista Collection’s latest furniture designs that illustrates their commitment to timeless beauty is the exquisite collection named ESENCIAL. Unveiled at the prestigious Salone del Mobile exhibition in April 2023, ESENCIAL collection showed the perfect harmony of warm monochrome aesthetics and captivating minimalism of the design. Its delicate color palette without sharp contrasts, creates refined ambiance.

The ESENCIAL collection features a nightstand with two drawers and a drawer unit with four drawers. This elegant and functional furniture item is available in a variety of veneering options. Ebony, American walnut, moka stained walnut, dark stained walnut, natural oak, grey stained oak, moka stained oak, grey sukupira – all these woods greatly differ from one another in texture and color. You have plenty to choose from: dark honey color of natural oak and almost black moka stained oak; inimitable texture of grey sukupira and rich look of ebony. Such a well-thought-out set of wood options will enable you to select the hue that perfectly complements the existing interior design or sets the tone for a new aesthetic.

The brand’s craftsmen love combination of wood and cast brass with antique bronze finish, which adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to every furniture piece. The base and details of ESENCIAL collection are made of this noble-looking and durable material.

One more Bellavista’s favorite is natural stone, particularly marble. A variety of beautiful marbles add zest to various furniture pieces, from bar units to consoles and coffee tables. Designers of high-end furniture love natural marble: despite being extremely difficult to work with, this stone looks grand indeed and lasts virtually forever.

For those seeking an extra touch of luxury for ESENCIAL, two optional marble top inserts are available.  It is extremely difficult to choose between them. The first is Emperador dark brown marble with beautiful veining against rich deep brown background. Or would you choose Carrara marble, known for its pristine white background and delicate gray veining? By the way, for this piece, Bellavista selected the finest sort of Carrara marble called Statuario.  This marble comes from queries in Apuan Alps, Italy and has been famous for about two millennia.  Michelangelo Buonarotti, the famous Italian sculptor from the Renaissance, created his timeless masterpieces out of Statuario marble back in XVI century. Time passed, and now lots of artists and designers, including those who create Italian luxury furniture, make their timeless pieces of Carrara marble. By the way, it comes from the quarry, where Michelangelo used to search for chunks of stone for his sculptures.

Bellavista Collection has always paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that even the smallest elements contribute to the overall look and feel of their furniture. Needless to say, choice of colors for furniture pieces, both for their structure and upholstery, is among the crucial factors that determine whether the particular item will enjoy great demand – or be completely ignored.

ESENCIAL collection, created and presented to the public this year, has already scored a success and is bound to become a long-standing bestseller. Thanks to brilliant talent of Attilio Zanni, Bellavista Collection’s chief designer and co-founder, ESENCIAL is an outstanding example of timeless beauty. Charming minimalism of its design plus neutral color palette create an image that always works. And that’s not to mention top quality of materials and their successful combination – any of the fine woods offered for veneering perfectly harmonize with antique bronze finish of the base.

Bellavista Collection’s unwavering commitment to perfection, which includes carefully composed color palettes, made this brand stand out. For already thirteen years, this brand designs and manufactures furniture that creates harmonious and welcoming living spaces for people all over the world.